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How to Write a Love Letter

How to Write a Perfect Love Letter
[ Alam ]
Love can be expressed in several ways, but the most romantic and most treasured method is the classic love letter. may be your heart is dancing with joy or maybe it is broken. Either way, you must express what you feel. And the best way is to write a love letter.
You can read the following guidelines for writing a good Love letter.

1. Presentation.
You must use good stationery. A soft color paper - white, cream or light pink color will be the most suitable for this purpose.Use a pen with black or blue ink. Don't use green or red. You must do some hard work to write your love letter in a good hand writing. Think! this love letter is going to be in the hands of your beloved! So, it must look good. Neatness counts. Write as neet as you can.
2. Put yourself in a Romantic Mood.
Go to a calm place and write your love letter while listening some soft, romantic music. This will increase your imaginaton power. And you can collect some good words from the song too.
3. Salutation
Select an appealing salutation. Use you love's first name. For example: "My dearest Diana" or "My darling Sami"
or "My Love Rosee" etc.
4. Beginning the Love Letter.
You can start your Love Letter by telling your beloved about the reason for writing. For instance: "This is another attempt of mine to express my endless love for you! I am writing this special love letter by selecting a few words from the hundreds of thousands of sweet words coming to my mind on thinking of you. I have spent many hours, infact many days, trying to compose words that might adequately describe the feelings of my heart. Please forgive any mistakes and accept my poor effort. May every word of this letter become "I Love You".
5. Love Letter Body.
The body of the Love Letter should include reasons for why you fell in love. For example, you can get some words from the following ideas:
  1. recall when you fell in love with him/her
  2. explain how her/his love has changed your life
  3. Tell how much you miss her/him when you're apart
  4. explain that you can't imagine life without him/her
  5. list her/his best qualities that set him/her attractive for you
6. Closing a Love Letter.
Choose romantic words to end the love letter and a romantic good bye is also essential. You can select one of the following:"With undying Love" or "Forever Yours"
7. Add.
Add something special extra like rose petals. This will add to the preciousness of your love letter. Females may also include a Kiss Impression on the top corner of the paper.
8. Preparation to Send
Gently fold the Love Letter and place it in a neatly addressed envelope. Match envelope color with the paper color. Drop the letter in the mail. That's it!
Now wait for an emotional response.

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