Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The only reason I wanted to live- Love Poems Page:1

Love So True...
[Amanda Lee]

Was to see your face and the joy you’d give
So proud and happy all of the time
You never would commit a crime
But then one day you up and went
Now my emotions are completely bent
I miss you now and am in pain
Just like the desert misses the rain
And just like the desert, my heart is dry
It’s so bad now I can’t even cry
I think of you all night and day
Our hearts connected in a special way
Our love was special and that is true
That’s why I can’t let go of you.

[Amanda Lee]

I love you


I love you in the morning,
I love you at night
I love you when you're wrong
as much as when you’re right.
I love you when you’re up,
I love you when you’re down.
I love you when you smile
and I feel bad when you frown.
I love all the ways
you show me that you care.
I love the safe warm feeling,
knowing that you’re there.
I love you no matter
what you say or do.
And that’s why
all you ever hear out of me,
is that I love you…

Being in love

I feel warm and safe besides you.
That's how I know were true.
Not enough words to describe
The love I hold inside.
I think to myself and say:
“I hope you’re here to stay,
‘Cause you’re the one who is there
Whenever I need some care”.


I Love You

[ Lozzie ]

The day is bright and you are too.
I need to say that I love you.

When the dark wind blows and many fear;
It's good to know that you are near.

The more I learn, the more I know
That in my heart, your love does grow

[ Lozzie ]

I Love you

[ Rachel ]

I want to be with you,
but you don t know I’m there.
I hope you know that I care.
I love you.
I’m invisible to your blue, blue eyes.
When I see those blue, blue eyes,
my spirit instantly begins to rise.
I love you.
When you come near me, I fear thee.
I fear your handsome looks.
Please find me, underneath all of these schoolbooks,
so that I can see your handsome, handsome looks.
I love you.
How I long to be with you.
Someone always say that we always want
what we can’t have .
And I want you.
I love you.

[ Rachel ]

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