Sunday, June 21, 2009

They don't want us together-Love Poems Page:3

They [ melissa ]

*They don't want us together. But we're forever.
*They will never know the feelings in our hearts.
They came into our lives and tried to tear us apart.
*I love you. But they don't want me to.
*They can't keep us apart. We are not meant to part.
*They can't take you away. You are here in my heart to stay.
*They don't want us together. But we'll always be forever.

[ melissa ]

Forever As One
[ Elizabeth Gage ]

Two souls joined in heaven above
Two hearts bound by love.
I see the stars in your eyes,
My fire in the dark of night,
My strength and guiding light.
A deep love we hold
Never to die
Never again to be alone.
Closing my eyes I hear what you say
The oneness we became
Through all the hurt and pain
Never changing your loving ways
Together never to part.
Our love a gift from God above
Deep inside our hearts
Forever as one.

[ Elizabeth Gage ]


What You Said
[ Kristi ]

When I said "I Love You",
you was startled and turned blue.

Then after our talk,
I understood you from your heart.

You didn't respond, but now I know
when you say those three words.

You are being the real you,
not just a fool like the rest.

Because you know I am different,
special and very blessed
not to have someone like the rest.

[ Kristi ]


I Love You
[ Kari ]

If I say I love you,
Would you say you love me too?
IF I say I miss you,
Would you say you miss me too?

If we ever got together,
Would it be forever?
I know that you say you love me,
But is it really true?

I just want to tell you,
That I love you too

[ Kari ]

I Wish You Knew
[ Blakely ]

I wish you knew the way I felt
Every time I looked at you,
I wish you knew my heart would melt
When I thought of me and you,

I wish you knew the pain you caused
When you chose to love someone new,
I was about to tell you but I paused
When I tried to say, "I LOVE YOU"...

[Blakely loves Jonathan]


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