Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Poems Page:6


If i could be anything

If i could be anything in this whole

wide world,
I'd be your tear drop.
Born in your eyes, live on your cheeks
and die on your lips

[ Unknown ]

Am I Over You

It's been a few days
I have not heard anything from you.
I dont know if your doing fine or not
But I cant stop thinking about you

I wonder if your thinking about me
Or maybe you have already forgotten me.
I was wishing for a smile
Although it's from a mile

I am feeling different
But I am feeling fine.
I dont know whats going on
With this feeling that been there for so long

Now I think I'm missing you
But im not sure if that is true
I was hoping to at least talk to you
Not because i'm feeling blue

But I can't understand and I get confuse
If the love inside, is still with in me
[ Simplybigme ]


With Her

To be with her is
Reality in a perfect dream,
It is a feeling so pure that
Connects our heart and soul,
It can only be true love
An emotion unparalleled.
[ Terrence Reklaw ]


You Will Always Be Enough For Me

You have captured my heart.
You have touched my soul.
I always let you in.

I will love all of you.
I do love all of you.
And I want all of you.

And when I can have you.
I am not letting go.
Don't ever doubt this.

You always have been.
You always will be enough for me
Trust me on that....always.

Dedicated to Wilma
[ barkypup ]


I want you

I hate standing in the rain alone.
I hate spending a sunny day all alone.
I hate it when it snows and I am alone.
I hate wasting my time on some things.
Some things that don't waste there time on me.
So you waste your time on me.
And I will waste my time on you.

[ Megan ]


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