Friday, March 19, 2010

What women want ?

[by Gabriela F. (keisha9)]

I will start with the answer: WE DON’T WANT TOO MUCH!!! If you thought that we are these complicated human beings that ask for too many things and they are ready to start a fight at any hour… you don’t know women at all! You have no idea how LITTLE we ask and how MUCH we can make out of it. Of course, my post won’t refer to the Playboy bunnies living with Hugh Hefner. They will want just one thing: money! In any form: jewelery, clothes, expensive cars or expensive houses. But see? If they ask just for money,just for ONE thing, not even they ask for too much, just like I said in the beginning!:)

So, as I said, we settle for small things and sometimes the smallest gestures make us happier than ever! There are so many women in this world that are taken for granted. This sad fact comes to prove that… we settle for little, sometimes. But I recommend to all my sisters :) not to do that.

Let’s get to the proper listing of the things that make us happy, make us cherish you and love you even more than we already do! I will start by telling you that we would love it, if you could do these things without asking you to. Try to anticipate from time to time what would make us smile and make us feel that you care. Keeping this in mind, here are the pieces of the “puzzle” , as I see it, as I learnt so far!

- Buy us flowers!

Not just for our birthdays or just for Valentine’s Day! Surprise us! On your way home from work, buy a rose for your lady and you will see how her face lightens up! Don’t wait for us to remind you: “Today is our anniversary! Not tomorrow!” Try to keep in mind a few days per year when you have to offer flowers to your girlfriend. Make a note. You don’t even know how important that is for us. Even when we say it isn’t. If you keep in mind the few occasions when she HAS TO receive flowers, you are safe! :) If… you manage to come at least 2 times per year at our door step with flowers in your hand, with absolutely no reason (except the love you feel for us), you, my darling, are already our favorite!

- Take us out!

Even if we have been together for 4 years, and you see us coming tired from work and you tell to yourself: “She doesn’t feel like going out, I am sure”, we would still love hearing you: “Let’s go to the cinema tonight!” or “Let me take you to your favorite restaurant!” Even if it’s not week end, we would love to relax next to you, in a nice place with some nice dinner and a glass of wine! Believe me, your lady will be very happy (unless you have the “I have a head ache” type of woman next to you) to see you taking her out. Plus, she won’t have to cook that night.

- Tell us what we mean to you!

Even if you are not a man of too many words, let us know that you love us, that you like the way we look in that pair of blue jeans, that we are BEAUTIFUL! While she irons your shirt for tomorrow or making dinner, come and hug her from behind and whisper to her :”I love you!” This is a gesture that makes us feel important and sexy (even when we are ironing). And.. you might be in for a treat, right after we finish playing “housewives” :)

- Help us around the house!

At least from time to time. Don’t let us struggle with all the cleaning, cooking, ironing, dusting, washing or who knows what else! Let us make dinner and offer to wash the dishes after. Offer to take out the laundry from the washing machine when they are done. Or wipe the dust from time to time. Not only that you would help a lot, but we often consider this kind of “moves” sexy for a man.

- “If you like it, put a ring on it”!

Don’t wait for 8 years of living together to pass by untill you ask her to marry you! What are you afraid of? That she might take your “freedom” away? That your nights out with the boys will be over?! You already live with the woman and I bet you go out plenty of times with the boys. So, stop looking at this “step” as if it was “the end of the world” and if you love the woman, make her your wife. Otherwise, one day she might wake up after who knows how many years together and feel like you don’t want her “that much” , in order to take the step. And she won’t be thinking for long and she won’t waste more time. She will just say good bye and in just a few months you might hear that she got married. And not, just because she wanted to get marry fast! But because she found someone who swept her off her feet, someone who tells her every day that he loves her, someone who saw in her, the mother of his children. A man who didn’t see his freedom threatened in any way by her.

- Listen!

This will be the last, but sometimes, the most important aspect of them all. We like to be listened to. Not when we scream:” Are you with the boys again? Come back home!!!” And I would recommend to the girls, never ever to do that, even if they feel like, but I won’t tell the secrets and our methods to TAME the men! :) So… listen to us when we come home tired and complaining about work, about the pair of shoes that we want so much, but they don’t have our size anymore! About what to wear, about what to cook! Listen. We know very well you don’t always feel like, but it won’t take long. Just a few minutes of “bitching” and we are back. Plus, be smart! You can always stop us by saying: “I love you!” :)

These are the main things that I consider important for a woman. Of course, this is just my opinion and if any of you girls think I forgot something, feel free to “update” my list. For me, these aspects that I listed are everything. We like to be surprised, to be helped from time to time, to be reminded that we are attractive and to have your understanding.

If you are a smart guy and you can make a cocktail out of these “flavors”, you will not hear any complaint! Trust me! :)


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