Monday, August 16, 2010

Showing Your Love To Your Girlfriend

If you're wondering how to show your girlfriend or wife you love her, don't assume that sending her roses on Valentine's Day is all you need. That is so unoriginal, besides the fact that far too many men get their assistants to arrange the order and delivery, or make a call over the phone or online for a 30 second effort at Valentine's Day. Women know that, too. Certainly, you should never ever forget her on Valentine's Day but there is so much more to be done and so much more that is original and that is spontaneous, or 'for no special reason' to show your girlfriend or wife that you love her.
  • You might wait until a day that has no significance, personally or publicly, and give her a bouquet of flowers - one for each month or year that the two of you have been a couple.

  • Another very effective way to show your girlfriend or wife you love her is to accompany her to the theater or ballet, assuming that it's not your forte and something she usually has to drag you kicking and screaming to or you have refused to go in the past. Buy the tickets yourself and invite her. You'll make a big impression.

  • Take the time out of your busy workday to go to her job and leave a love note under her windshield wiper. This is important because not only does it make you look spontaneous, but it also shows that she is more important than your job.

  • Give her a backrub, a foot rub, or a facial massage. Not only will this show your wife or girlfriend that you love her, but it may have the extra benefit of getting her in the mood.

  • Make reservations at a cozy and romantic bed and breakfast somewhere not too far from home but far enough that its your own special getaway for two.

  • If you've been paying too much attention to your career and too little to her, tell her that from now on there is going to be one night a week when the two of you will have fun together. And then do it.

  • There's nothing like spending your own time thoughtfully choosing just what your wife or girlfriend wants, and finding and buying it yourself. Showing that not only do you listen to her wants and needs, but that you also value her enough to take the time to hunt up these desired items, will go far to show your girlfriend or wife you love her.

  • Send her flowers at work. This not only shows that you love her but also elevates her in front of her friends and coworkers to a woman that is loved, and has a good man. Women love that.

  • The last tip on how to show your girlfriend or wife you love her is to let her know that you think of her when you are apart. If you are away on a business trip, call her enough. Send her postcards or even a letter.

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