Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Make Friends Tips

1. Develop Patience.
You should not be afraid of expressing your opinions. If someone insults  you, just ignore them. Patience is a virtue, my friend!

2. Create Sense of Humor.
Learn some good jokes by heart. Funny jokes make your personality popular within days. Remember! having a sense of humor is important, but don't insult any of your friends even in form of jokes. Just give them a chance to laugh and enjoy! If you joke about your friends in a rude way it could affect your relationship with them.

3. Share interesting silly ideas.
Your thoughts can open up many doors that can lead to friendship.

4. Talk less, Listen more.
Show your interest and give respect to your friends speech and conversation. Instead of  nodding and smiling and occasionally, try to take what the person says and run with it. Add your own thoughts into the mix - but don't hijack the conversation.

5. Be nice to others.
Always give compliments, but don't try too hard. If you are shy, try to improve your self-esteem. Restore your confidence and shyness will leave you. Read some good books to improve your knowledge on current affairs. So that, you can talk and discuss the latest affairs with your friends.

6. Give Them Attention.
Everybody likes some attention, (even the shy ones). Pay a little attention to people, and they'll repay you warmly. It doesn't take much.

7. Be Loyal
Do not be selfish. Many think if they are generous their friends would take advantage of  them. This is an absurd paradox. If your friends were taking advantage of you, you would see right through them, and they should not be considered your friend!

8. Don't be Ambiguous
Avoid saying something that could be taken the wrong way, but don't over-analyze what you  want to say. If you think about it too much, not only will you miss out on your chance to contribute to the conversation, but what you do end up saying might sound scripted and unnatural.

9. Mach your Intersets
Find people who share your interests. Get up and join a group that has similar interests. In that environment, it would be easier to meet people and make friends.

10. No Prejudice Please
Avoid prejudice, even among age. It is not impossible for a 20-year-old to be a friend to a 70-year-old. Don't limit your possibilities.

11. You Need Money Too
Earn some money. You'll be able to go out and do more things, and if you get a job, you'll meet more people there who have similar experiences.

12. Ask Advice
A great way to start a conversation with some one new is to ask advice. Everyone wants to show off a little and most likely they'll be happy to help.

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