Monday, June 29, 2009

It was good time: Love Poems Page:5

[#21] I love you

[ Ruth ]

It was good time, we spent our days together,
Climbing all the trees,
We went outside in winter,
And walked through the windy breeze.

But then one day when I woke up,
I heard bad news about you,
You had gone to some place better,
I didn't think it was true.

Then I realized it wasn't a dream,
I didn't know quite what to do,
I closed my eyes and realized,
That dear friend, I love you.

[ Ruth ]


When We Say Goodbye

[ nicky baumann ]

When we say goodbye I feel empty.
I feel like I am nothing, but lonely.
When we say goodbye I realize
How much I love you and how much I care for you.
When we say goodbye, I realize what it would be without you.
I don't ever want to say goodbye,
I only want to say goodnight and see you in the morning.

[ nicky baumann ]


Love Explanation

[ Melissa Sterner ]

"What is love?" you ask
It's a feeling in both mind and body
A passion, a chemistry one might say
Longing to be near, close,
Long talks about nothing,
Laugher and sharing
Eyes filled with devotion,
Not wanting to imagine life without the other,
Doing nothing together and having the best time.
Well, I think, you know the answer already
Listen to your heart with open ears
You will hear the is very clear.

[ Melissa Sterner ]



I love you, I Love you, I Love you
I Love you more and more each day
I love you more than words may say
I wish you love me, but I know you don’t
I wish I could get you, but I know its Impossible!
Only I can do is that
I’ll continue to love you everyday
Because Love just won’t go away.



What is love?

What is love? Love appears and
disappears without a trace
talking with a sad face.
It makes a task without no one to ask.
It comes from heaven down to earth,
And lives without a trace...


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