Monday, June 29, 2009

"What is love?" you ask - What is Love? Page:1

What is Love?

Definitions of love on the Web:

  1. a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; "his love for his work"; "children need a lot of love"
  2. any object of warm affection or devotion; "the theater was her first love"; "he has a passion for cock fighting"
  3. have a great affection or liking for; "I love French food"; "She loves her boss and works hard for him"
  4. beloved: a beloved person; used as terms of endearment
  5. get pleasure from; "I love cooking"
  6. a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction; "their love left them indifferent to their surroundings"; "she was his first love"
  7. be enamored or in love with; "She loves her husband deeply"

What is Love
[ Melissa Sterner ]

"What is love?" you ask
It's a feeling in both mind and body
A passion, a chemistry one might say
Longing to be near, close,
Long talks about nothing,
Laugher and sharing
Eyes filled with devotion,
Not wanting to imagine life without the other,
Doing nothing together and having the best time.
Well, I think, you know the answer already
Listen to your heart with open ears
You will hear the is very clear.

[ Melissa Sterner ]

What is love?

What is love? Love appears and
disappears without a trace
talking with a sad face.
It makes a task without no one to ask.
It comes from heaven down to earth,
And lives without a trace...


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